Chipped beef on Toast!

Manual for Army Cooks 1916



I’m planning ahead for next Veterans Day! As soon as I find a good source of chipped beef, we will be all set!




MANUAL FOR ARMY COOKS,1916                            p.181

384. Beef, chipped (for 60 men).

Ingredients used :

15 pounds chipped beef.

1 pound fat, butter preferred.
1 1/4 pounds flour, browned in fat.

2 cans evaporated milk.

1 bunch parsley.
1/4 ounce pepper.

6 quarts beef stock.

Melt the fat in the pan and add the flour; cook a few minutes; mix
the milk and beef stock, or water; stir the batter in slowly to pre-
vent lumping; add the beef and cook a few minutes. Add the
parsley and serve on toast.

If the beef is very salty, it should be scalded before cooking.