Chipped beef on Toast!

Manual for Army Cooks 1916



I’m planning ahead for next Veterans Day! As soon as I find a good source of chipped beef, we will be all set!




MANUAL FOR ARMY COOKS,1916                            p.181

384. Beef, chipped (for 60 men).

Ingredients used :

15 pounds chipped beef.

1 pound fat, butter preferred.
1 1/4 pounds flour, browned in fat.

2 cans evaporated milk.

1 bunch parsley.
1/4 ounce pepper.

6 quarts beef stock.

Melt the fat in the pan and add the flour; cook a few minutes; mix
the milk and beef stock, or water; stir the batter in slowly to pre-
vent lumping; add the beef and cook a few minutes. Add the
parsley and serve on toast.

If the beef is very salty, it should be scalded before cooking.

How to order Gluten Free at Toast


Gluten Free Logo

Since we take the time and effort to prepare the majority of our dishes from scratch, nearly our entire menu may be ordered Gluten Free. It’s the little things, like making our Hollandaise sauce the right way, instead of using a powder that makes this possible. We carry Rudi’s Original Gluten Free bread, and will substitute it into any dish that calls for toast, or bread.

While we try our best to accommodate all of our guests, we do not operate a strict gluten free kitchen. If your allergy is severe, be aware that the possibility of gluten contamination is possible.

Here is a list of items that we will prepare Gluten Free:

Any French Toast made with GF bread
Benedicts (except Crab Cakes) on GF toast
Omelets with GF toast
Egg dishes with GF toast
Carnitas Chilaquiles
Sandwiches on GF toast
Burgers on GF toast
Street Style Tacos
Salads without Croutons
Tomato Bisque

Here is a list of items that we will NOT make Gluten Free:

NO Pancakes
NO Crab Cakes
NO Chicken Fried Steak
NO Honey Fried Chicken
NO Breakfast Burritos
NO Pork Green Chili
NO Country Gravy

4th Annual Dom & Jane Charity Marathon on Mix 100

Join us for the 4th Annual Dom & Jane Charity Marathon on Mix 100, Thursday, Nov. 15 & Friday, Nov.16. Denver’s Best Morning DJ’s will stay on the air for 24 hours over the two days to raise money for Food Bank of the Rockies. Tune in to Mix 100 between 6 am – 6 pm and help Dom & Jane beat last year’s total of $1 million!

We are going to be feeding the volunteers on Thursday morning. This is a great event for a great cause, so please help if you can.

-Jason (who was a boy who grew up on government cheese…)

The return of the Birthday and Anniversary club!

After a hiatus of unknown length, we are bringing back the Birthday and Anniversary club! The old mailing list is dead, expired, and deleted, so we are starting fresh.

If you want to join or re-join so you start receiving all that sweet, sweet toasty-goodness you are going to have to fill out our form. Just click on the link, and I will start hooking you up.



Toast’s Birthday and Anniversary Club

Our new website

Thanks for visiting our new website. If you are reading this and wondering what is going on, I’ll tell you.

I tore the old website down in a fit of righteous indignation, and I’m writing the new one right now, on the fly, as we speak. I’m not saying “evil” Evan Walker Bourbon had anything to do with this. I was simply assessing the quality of the ingredients I keep locked inside my safe with my gold and jewels, lost cell phones, and misplaced credit cards.

The old site sucked, and this one will suck less, and hopefully make everyone who wanders through here hungry. I’ll keep you posted with any new happenings that happen to happen here.

See you soon!